Stamp.TV: Rudi Schmidt (from The Melodic) – The Melting Ship and the Copper Ocean

Last month, The Melodic stopped off in Bristol as part of their national tour of lounge sessions to play a little gig for us. Half way through, the rest of the band took a backseat to make way for Rudi Schmidt to perform a song he’d written on the charango called The Melting Ship and the Copper Ocean. As a bit of a background on Rudi, in 2012, he took a trip to Bolivia to study with Ernesto Cavour, one of the greatest charango players in the world. He was so impressed by Rudi’s talents that he invited him to join his Charango Philharmonic, which was sadly turned down because of commitments in London. Still, it’s a testament to his talents, and this contemporary Andean element he brings to The Melodic is one of the reasons they produce such a unique folk sound. So before we bring you a video from the whole band, this solo from Rudi is the perfect way in.

The Melodic are still on tour, so have a look at this poster to see if they’re playing near you soon.

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