Review: Donuts presents Soundstream

Following one of our favourite nights of 2012, the Donuts 5th birthday party at the Coroners Court with DāM-FunK, the news that they were to be throwing another party, at a secret city centre location, had us excited. Coupled with the lineup of Soundstream supported by Behling & Simpson, we knew this was not to be missed.

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With teaser pictures of the venue and ‘X marks the spot’ posters outside the location, the Donuts crew were more than maintaining our intrigue. With just over 24 hours to go, they let the cat out the bag. We’d be getting down in the unused old entrance of Bristol’s Colston Hall; a luxurious lost foyer that’s been closed to the public since 2009. The grandness of the interior (checkerboard flooring, red wine columns, velvet-carpeted staircases and arched ceilings) made for a nice change. There’s something seriously appealing about partying somewhere you feel like you shouldn’t.

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One half of Donuts and its resident turntablist, Tom D, warmed the crowd with his honeyed soul, disco and boogie records. Behling & Simpson took over with their RnB beats, with an energy that showed absolutely no sign that Simpson had recently broken his collar bone. Donuts claim that B&S are ‘guaranteed to make you shake ass’. Affirmative. Soundstream’s three-hour set curated a dedicatedly funky dancefloor. There was a conga line, dancing limbo, and a soul train. Inhibitions were being shed left, right and centre, and we had Frank Timm to thank. His love of the disco classics was apparent, which he complemented with his own Chicago house and Detroit techno influenced productions. The ease with which he blended each track into the electric atmosphere reflected his experience after many years of living and breathing dance music in Berlin.

The night was every bit as memorable as we’d anticipated. Again, please.

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