Hiatus (Feat. Shura) – We Can Be Ghosts Now

For Cyrus Shahrad (a.k.a Hiatus), the writing of We Can Be Ghosts Now has been over ten years in the making. Since 9/11 he’s been wanting to artistically juxtapose the destruction of that day with the very human emotions of a love story. All the elements of the song seem rather distant and hardly distinguishable on their own –  from the strings, to Shura’s ethereal vocals, piano or shuffling percussion. Yet as a whole package, it packs a real punch, in the same way Hans Zimmer achieved in Gladiator for the final track. When Juba buries Maximus’s statues of his wife and son in the Colosseum, Zimmer is simultaneously mourning his passing and celebrating his enduring sprit. It seems Hiatus was trying to achieve a similar representation of 9/11 and in We Can Be Ghosts Now, he does a damned fine job of it.

We Can Be Ghosts Now is available from Hiatus’s Bandcamp now with an amazing stop motion animation from Top Jobbins to accompany it. Keep a look out for the Parklands LP dropping on 13 May with a few previews already up on Hiatus’s Soundcloud.

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