Bristol Spotlight: My Nu Leng

After they recently moving in together and ending a (rumoured) heart-breaking and very painful long-distance relationship between Bristol and London, My Nu Leng can now legitimately call themselves dwellers of the West Country. If recent efforts are anything to go by (see below), it signal’s a new phase in their musical journey, allowing them to up their output in quality and quantity. They definitely laid down a marker for 2013 with the release of Elite EP on Black Butter and promise more solo material and remixes in the coming months. Tuck into some of their music below while you have a read of the interview. For more on MNL, venture across to the top five tracks they’re featuring in their sets at the minute.

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He’s far too modest to ask for his name on the interview, but thanks to Phil Combes for supplying the questions.

I’ve heard that fairly recently you guys have moved in together with Troy Gunner and Rowl. Has this affected the way you guys make tunes, both not sending things back and forth from Bristol/London and also being around similar-minded people? Do you feel your musical output has improved/changed?

We are loving living with the other two as they are such a musical pair – it brings out that extra bit of inspiration and drive when working on tracks. Living with each other, it is a lot easier showing each other ideas and getting stuff finished than sending over projects back and forth! I don’t think our output has changed at all, but can definitely see us collab-ing with the other guys on some deeper techno-influenced stuff in the near future.

Sticking with production for now, where is your sound going at the moment? UK underground music (intentionally avoiding the term “UK Bass”) is pretty exciting right now, with genres, styles and tempos being mashed up all over the place, and your recent output has really embodied that. More of the same to come?

We always try to write something that comes naturally to us, all we really keep within is a BPM range. All our recent stuff fits in between 128-135BPM. We have found it gives us the biggest freedom to write stuff with a skippy, 4×4 or 2 step etc. beat and maintain a dark and rolling vibe. Definitely more of the same to come and hopefully some fresh ideas that people have never heard before!

In terms of DJ sets, do you generally just do your own thing and play the tunes you want to play or do you try and tailor your sets to the club, crowd, other artists playing etc?

We try to put a lot of thought into how we should approach our sets, who we are following, what time of night etc, but this usually changes only the opening few tunes. After the crowd are warmed in we can normally play exactly how we would anywhere else, lots of energy, and we normally fly through the tunes.

Recent sets of yours that I’ve seen have had a common theme of high energy and tunes to make people properly dance. Is this always the case now or do you sometimes draw from the deeper material, like your older 140 stuff on Mindstep, for example?

For us, our sets are all about that high energy. We may delve into a few deeper tunes to break up the set half way through, but have not been drawing from that style much recently. We are lucky to be able to really reflect the music we are feeling on a bigger scale in online mixes for blogs, magazines etc. We try to create a journey through all the styles that inspire us and aim to include as much new and fresh music from recognised and up-and-coming producers that we feel people really, really need to hear!

A bit about Bristol now. Where’s your favourite place to listen to music here?

Its a difficult one to answer! Bristol has such a vibrant scene and so many amazing venues and spots to hear some great music. Through our own experiences we would have to say on an intimate level, Thekla. We have been residents at 51 27 there for some time now and have been lucky to play alongside some true legends and rising stars up close and personal! On a bigger scale, you really can’t beat Motion for that warehouse, festival-type vibe! Big scale production and quality sound. Some of our favourite sets have been in the main warehouse at Motion.

Now onto producers. With such an unbelievable amount of fresh, young, hungry talent out there at the moment this will probably be a tricky question, but can you give the readers a few of My Nu Leng’s hot tips for the year? 

There is so much talent in Bristol at the moment it would be too hard to pin a single producer down – so be sure to keep an eye out on Sly-One, Artifact, Crump, Gage, OH91, Asa & Sorrow and Woz.

Outside of Bristol people that keep blowing us away with music we get sent are Wen, Eleven8, housemates Rowl & Troy Gunner, Taiki & Nulight and Killjoy.

And also a couple of labels you guys are feeling at the moment?

Check out our friends at Tumble Audio and Crescent!

You’ll be playing at Love Saves The Day in May. Are there any other big dates on the cards?

We have dates coming up in London, Cardiff, Bristol, Leamington and some festival dates to announce soon! Check our facebook page for all updates on those!

And finally, with releases already on Lo Note, Mindstep, 877 Recs and Black Butter, can we expect to see more releases through these labels in 2013 or should we keep our eyes peeled elsewhere? 

We will definitely be following our Black Butter release with another EP some point this year! We also have a second 12″ planned with 877 records and a remix EP is nearly complete for “The Grid/ Hips n’ Thighs” – we can’t wait to announce the artists on that!

Other than that we have some exciting remixes finished and out in April, news about those should surface very soon!

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