Premiere: Barney Artist – Take It Back (Feat. Emmavie)

We like to push forward-thinking UK Hip-Hop whenever we find it, and London’s Barney Artist is up there with the best newcomers at the moment. We first featured him last year after the release of his free debut mixtape BAEP, a lyrical and physical journey (check the video for Lauren) through London’s East End accompanied by some outstanding production. Now he’s back with new a new track, which we’re delighted to premiere. It’s called Take It Back and is about being in a relationship gone stale and longing to get back to that honeymoon period. We’ve all been there, but Barney manages to describe it in a way that most of us couldn’t. That familiar, intricate flow is back again, in perfect cadence with another top beat beat from Alfa Mist. The producer helped make our favourite track off BAEP (listen below), and we also see the return of Emmavie, laying down some more smooth vocals.

We’ve heard rumours of some very exciting projects and collaborations in the works for Barney, so do not take your eyes off him for one second.

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