Anushka – I Have Love 4 You

Brighton duo Anushka go alongside Romare as one of our favourite Electronic artists at the moment. There, attention captured, now some background. They consist of Victoria Port on vocals and Max Wheeler on the buttons, also known for his work with Ye Mighty (see below). Together they make a brand of Soul that sounds at home on the dancefloor, utilising Victoria’s powerful voice and Max’s appreciation of the underground UK dance scene (best displayed on a recent mix he did). We’ve already told you about Yes Guess, the title track for their new EP and here’s another we’ve been waiting since last summer to see online. It’s rather appropriate then that I Have Love 4 You will usher you nicely into the warmer climes of 2013 (sorry if you’re reading this in the southern hemisphere!).

Anushka will be playing at the Worldwide Festival in Leysin this month and Yes Guess EP will be released digitally on Brownswood on 15 April.

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