Bristol Spotlight: ForgetMeNot

forgetmenot_500_350Label: Losing Suki
Genre: House
Members: Unknown
Based: Bristol
Sounds Like: Golden Boy, Applebottom, Real Nice
Links: Soundcloud

A quick Google search of Bristol trio ForgetMeNot can be a frustrating experience for a fan of underground Electronic music. But if you wade past the various gardening blogs and reach their Soundcloud, you’ll find that this outfit are definitely worth the effort. Their Stronger EP, soon to be released on Hypercolour’s sister label, Losing Suki, offers a rich blend of heavy bass and deep, haunting vocals. Having had radio plays from Rinse FM and the almighty Pete Tong on Radio 1, the chance to see ForgetMeNot in the flesh is not to be missed. Have a read of our interview below to find out what’s making the threesome tick and keep an eye on their Soundcloud, where a new free download will be dropping soon.

ForgetMeNot will be playing at Love Saves Sunday on 26 May in Bristol. Tickets are still available at Resident Advisor.

How would you describe your music to those who havent heard it before?

Synth-heavy UK Bass with elements of Deep House and Garage.

How did you first start making music as a trio and do you have a particular process to accommodate your three different ideas?

The three of us have been working together for years on various projects across lots of different genres. In the last few years we found our sound converging on the House and Garage influenced material that we’re putting out at the moment. We find that as a group we bring various different strengths to the table. Adam is good at writing hooks, Geoff brings depth and musicality, whilst Alex is the expert when it comes to arranging and engineering.

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music in Bristol?

For a big club experience you can’t beat a night out at Motion, but you can hear a lot of good music in more intimate settings like The Bank of Stokes Croft. Above all though, what makes Bristol special as a city is that you can hear great music wherever you go whether it be Jazz at the Old Duke, Reggae at the Star and Garter, or just something blaring out of a car window on Stapleton Road.

Who’s the standout act for you in the ever-growing Bristol music scene?

We’re big fans of Eats Everything’s production style, his tunes always kill the dance floor. But we’d also recommend readers to look out for Sam Interface’s new project Jus’ Now.

Have you played outside of Bristol recently? How did it compare?

We’ve been DJing together for about 6 months so we’re really excited to be playing our first gig outside of Bristol at Alpfresco in Austria next weekend. But in our experience, you can’t beat a Bristol crowd for that blend of discerning taste and willingness to make the party happen. It’s what makes the city so special.

What’s your favourite event you’ve played at?

Last year’s Love Saves The Day was great. They’ve expanded the festival to a second day this year, so we’re really looking forward to that one.

What are your future plans for summer and beyond?

We have a lot of releases scheduled for spring and summer that we’re really excited about. The plan for summer is to play our music at lots of festivals and parties, and then it’s back to the studio to see what the future brings.

Your stronger EP has had huge support from the likes of Pete Tong. How much has this affected your following in the UK?

It’s great to have support from Radio 1 and the exposure to a wider audience that comes along with it. Pete Tong is a legend in British dance music, so when he plays one of your tracks it’s a sign that you’re doing something right!

Who would be your favourite fictional character to DJ alongisde?

Ronald McDonald (coz we want some free burgers).

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