Frankie Stew – Things

Still at the tender age of 17, Brighton kid Frankie Stew has to be one of the stand out heavyweights within the new generation of UK Hip-Hop. More creative and thought-provoking than ever before, artists like Frankie are breathing fresh air into UK urban music that has us envisioning big things on the horizon. His new track Things is a great example of this new direction. Caught somewhere between rap and spoken-word, Frankie ushers you into his world for just a few minutes, painting vivid colours and dark chasms ribboned with an authentic intimacy that has us reminiscing of Allen Ginsberg. Filmed in and around Brighton, the multi-layered visuals match with mood of the song perfectly. Shouts out to Dead Radio Star Productions for the video, headed by that kid off the Young Apprentice that everyone thought should’a won!

Anyway, 2013 is gonna be interesting for this Mr. Stew, we guarantee it. And if you’re a real UK Hip-Hop head like us, be sure to check our Top 5 lists on UK Hip-Hop releases here, here and here.


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