Stamp Mix #11: Maths Time Joy

Genre: Post-Dubstep
Based: London, UK
Sounds Like: Booddha, Mount Kimbie, Alby Daniels
Links: Soundcloud, Facebook, Bandcamp


Maths Time Joy is the alias of 22-year-old London-based songwriter/producer Tim Worthington. Representing the exciting new wave of ‘post-night club’ music, MTJ’s sound infuses tampered vocal samples, bubbly organs, organic snaps, rich synths and thick basslines. The lush textures and complex rhythms remind us of Mount Kimbie and James Blake, yet the sampling of his own voice sets his sound wide apart. His unique talent has already been spotted by L.A. Electronic music label Live For The Funk, who put out his second EP Hideaway last month. Check out our interview with Maths Time Joy below, and a 30-minute mix he recorded for us above (featuring an exclusive MTJ track called Garden of Eden!).

So what’s the story behind the name Maths Time Joy?

The name Maths Time Joy is an anagram of my first two names Timothy James.

How would you describe your music?

I’m not sure it can be put under one genre really and I wouldn’t ever want to use one category to describe it. There seems to be a lot of new sounds coming out of Electronic music at the moment that are hard to define, but its pretty exciting. I think listening to a lot of different artists helps my music not be too tied down to a particular genre. The main aim really is to make music that has emotion to it, as well as all the kind of technical aspects of the production. I like to try and make each song a kind of journey as well rather than just having the same idea throughout, or a verse/chorus structure.

When did you first become exposed to Electronic music and start producing?

I didn’t really start making Electronic music till about three years ago. I started out producing Hip-Hop, probably from about age 17. Dr Dre was a big inspiration early on. I think when I first heard Flying Lotus though I really started to get into Electronic music. He’s probably my biggest influence to date just in terms of his ability to make interesting beats that are still soulful.

What do you think of the London Electronic music scene?

I think the London scene is kind of where a lot of people are looking to at the moment for the new sounds. Even though I’m not really from London, just outside, the sound is obviously a big influence. I think Burial is the person who encompasses the London sound the most for me personally, along with Jamie xx.

Do you make your music to be played out at clubs or at home?

I wouldn’t say my music is really for the club, more for being alone with headphones on. Bass is definitely an important part of my music though so I do try and make it sound good for a club environment. Always, off the new EP, was a track that I had in mind more for a club than my other music.

Your second EP, Hideaway, is out on Live For The Funk. How did you get involved with those guys?

Jonathan from LFTF got in touch after I put out the video for Walk With Me and just said he’d been following my music for a while and would I be interested in making an EP. I’d already been checked out the Jaw Jam’a EP they put out, and I was a fan of their blog as well.

Can you tell us a bit about the conception and formation of Hideaway?

The track Hideaway was the first track to be finished, and then I wrote the other two tracks, with a kind of vague theme of isolation, and thinking about things when you’re alone. If I’m doing a whole project like and EP or album, I like to kind of follow a basic theme, even of its only in the back of my mind.

Tell us a bit about about the mix you’ve done for us?

The mix has a lot of my own music in, including an exclusive of a remix I did for Melo-X. Other than that it’s just tracks that I’m into at the moment.

So what are your plans for the near future? Future releases/upcoming shows?

I’m looking to start DJing soon, then the live show will follow but only once it’s all ready. In terms of future releases, I think the next thing will be a single, then a few remixes. There are a lot of pretty exciting prospects ahead, but they’re only vague at the moment. I’d like the next release to be on a label, just looking for the right one really.

You can stream and download the EP over at Live For The Funk


Maths Time Joy – Let Go
123MRK – Untroubled
Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe Acapella
WE SINK – Cat o’ Nine Tails (Andrea Remix)
Maths Time Joy – Always
Maths Time Joy – Hideaway
Melo-X & Cheri Coke – The Garden of Eden (Maths Time Joy Remix)
Mowgli – Carbon (Mount Kimbie Dub)
Captain Murphy – The Killing Joke
Kendrick Lamar – Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe

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