Brighton Spotlight: HU₵₵I

Label: Unsigned
Genre: Trap
Members: Ollie O
Brighton, UK
Sounds Like:
TNGHT, UGK, Lex Luger
Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp

The colourful city of Brighton, with its liberal ideals and boho culture, has always been a perfect home for things like Reggae music, green energy and organic food. What the sea-side mecca has never yet been affiliated with is Trap music: the drug-dealing inspired sub-genre of Hip-Hop that was born out of the most dangerous gang cities in America’s Deep South. Yet here stands 16-year-old HU₵₵I, a super-talented producer from Brighton making four-minute diamond-encrusted bomb tracks that will murderously snap your neck off at any given moment. The kid is trying to save up for a MIDI keyboard by selling his tracks on Bandcamp – so go support a local young talented artist and invest in the music of the future.  You can listen to some of our favourites below:

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