RY / Frank Wiedemann – Howling

Ry Cuming is an Australian-born, L.A-dwelling, Singer-Songwriter fit for the best One Tree Hill or O.C. soundtrack. Frank Wiedemann is one half of Electronic duo Âme, signed to Innversions. Together they make, wait for it, RY / Frank Wiedemann, and Howling is the title track of their first EP, which finally sees a release after Dixon dropped it into the end of his Boiler Room set earlier this year. Such a contrast to the rest of his set, it created quite a stir and it’s easy to see why. It’s dominated by Cuming’s seductive voice and acoustic guitar, with the occasional percussive thump – not far off what fellow countryman Gotye sounded like in his early days, so that definitely bodes well. Wiedemann’s Âme supplies a remix, building the ‘thumps’ into more of a solid beat and accentuating the synths, much more in line with Innervisions’s other releases. All in all, a really nice collaboration.
Howling EP was released this month and can be bought over at Boomkat.

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