DRS – Soul Remembers (feat. Dub Phizix & Fox)

By my reckoning this is the first DnB post we’ve ever done, which should demonstrate just how good a track Soul Remembers is. Maybe it’s the relaxed delivery that comes with years in the game (DRS started MCing for Marcus Intalex at raves in the early ‘90s), or his deep Macnhunian timbre, but there’s something quite therapeutic about DRS on Soul Remembers. He brings an element of calm both to Dub Phizix’s heavy old school DnB beat and the soulful, opening lament. It’s not surprise then that DRS heads up Estate Recordings, which brought us the brilliant Poor in £100 Trainers from Manchester MC Skittles. The city is seriously starting to lay down its claim as the Hip-Hop capital of Britain.

Soul Remembers features on the LP I Don’t Usually Like MCs But… and features collaborations with Skittles, Jehst and more. It’s released through Intalex’s Soul:r Records and can be bought over at their Bandcamp now.

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