Snoop Lion – La La La

If Cannabis were ever to have a global ambassador, Snoop Dogg’s claim for the position is as good as anyone’s. He’s been detained for possession, refers to regularly it in his lyrics and his music make the perfect backdrop for dabbling in its wonders yourself. Now he’s gone one step further and launched a Reggae side-project called Snoop Lion. Reincarnated  will be his 12th studio album and is due out on Vice later this year, with Major Lazer-produced La La La the LP’s first track. Hearing Snoop’s familiar delivery transformed by a Jamaican patois is a bit disconcerting, but as an overall package it works pretty well. Listen to it below and also check out the video preview for the project launched in April for 420.

On a related side-note, Major Lazer’s latest track, Get Free, has been a massive hit at STWHQ but we never got round to posting it. Given their involvement in Snoop Lion and its strong Reggae vibes, we thought we’d include it here. ML will also be hosting a party at Notting Hill Carnival this year, so stay tuned for more information on that front.

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