Premiere: Rich Daddies – Heaven

Rich Daddies are two anonymous housemates who began writing this EP during one of the world’s longest lockdowns. Rather than the sort of home-listening interiority you might associate with such a protracted spell inside, the songs here are ebullient dancefloor music that speaks to feelings of community and cathartic release. There’s a heavy imprint of UK soundsystem culture here; each track is loaded with bass and moves with a flexing sense of swing – from the turn-of-the-millenium UKG of ‘I Just Can’t Explain It’ and the tightly-coiled dembow rhythm of ‘Get Close’, to the contemporary bass music turns of ‘Heaven’.

‘Heaven’ closes the EP in a deep, echo-drenched style. The dub sonics, broken percussion and taut low-end call to mind Torsten Pröfrock’s mutation of UK bass tropes, while the dubbed out, refracted vocals have an ethereal, ghostly quality. It would be too easy to make the comparison to another anonymous producer working with the spectres of the UK’s hardcore continuum… so it suffices to say this is a pearler of a track on a record full of them. 

Get Close will be released by Best Effort on 27th January.

Stamp The Wax · Rich Daddies – Heaven (STW Premiere)

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