Alt-J – Fitzpleasure (The Internet of Odd Future Remix)

Alt-J’s debut album An Awesome Wave is hands down one of our favourites this year. If you’re still yet to hear it, head straight for our review here, after reading this. It’s not just us who like it; they’ve been getting some serious love all over the interweb. So it’s not surprising the first official remix from the album is courtesy of some very credible players. The Internet, of Odd Future fame, are also much-loved at STW HQ, and we were lucky enough to see their tight brand of RnB live at Dot To Dot last month. In this remix they’ve tamed the ferocious guitar riff of the original with a more chilled Hip-Hop beat, strings and a sprinkling of what sounds like high-pitched keys. It’s not a massive overhaul but a nice interpretation, and what’s more it’s completely free (download below).

And while we’re on the subject of Alt-J remixes, this one by the charmingly-named Girls on Drugs is also worth a listen

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