Tracks You Might’ve Missed: Wiley – Energy Bubbling (Nirobi Re-Edit)

Label: Tru Thoughts
: UK Hip-Hop
: Robert Luis
: Brighton, UK
Sounds like
: Chet Faker, Das Kapital, Scratch 22
:, Soundcloud

Robert Luis (a.k.a Nirobi) has been co-running Brighton’s brilliant Tru Thoughts label for over ten years, working with some top artists like Quantic (see our review of their KOKO gig this week), Benji Boko, Nostalgia 77 and Zed Bias. He might have a good eye for talent, but judging by this re-edit we came across recently, he’s also a pretty mean producer. It reworks a short track that Wiley gave away as part of the Zip Files, which brings the piano to the fore with added drum kick. It’s not much like Wiley’s normal stuff but we’re really digging it nonetheless. And as an added bonus, it’s free, so snap that up and see what else Nirobi and Tru Thoughts are offering.

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