New Artist: One Little Plane

Label: Text
Genre: Acoustic/Electronic
Members:  Kathryn Bint (vocals, guitar) and Keiran Hebdan (producer)
Based: London/Brooklyn
Sounds Like: Emiliana Torrini, Laura Marling, Four Tet
Links: MyspaceSoundcloud

One Little Plane combines the singer-songwriting talent of Kathryn Bint with the production of Keiran Hebden (a.k.a Four Tet) to form a quite charming slice of Acoustic-Pop. It’s a far cry from Hebden’s solo material and surprising release for his Text label, held up against the 2-Step sounds of Juk Juk’s Winter Turn Spring. But if there’s one thing we’ve learnt about Hebden, it’s his eclectic taste, and Bint’s delicate voice is complimented surprisingly well by his intricate work behind the scenes. One Little Plane’s debut album, Until, was released way back in 2008 and their second is due out next month, called Into The Trees. The lovely She Was Out In The Water will feature on that and you might also like to delve into Until’s title track as well as the Four Tet remix of Caribou’s Melody Day, which One Little Plane appeared on.

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