New Artist: Sekuoia

Label: Fadselsdagsbarnets Pladeselskab
Genre: Experimental Electronic
 Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen
 Copenhagen, Denmark
Sounds like:
 Mount Kimbie, DJ iZem, Time Wharp
Facebook, Soundcloud

Copenhagen’s Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen (a.k.a Sekuoia) sure is a tough one to find out about and not much easier to pigeon-hole, but by golly he makes good music! The first track featured is off his debut EP Trips, a really varied and accomplished release. Set among mostly chilled-out, xx-like tracks, Evenings is the most danceable of the bunch with chopped up vocals and dripping pads, a crackling, organic sound and a beat made up of a mixture of synths and beeps. At the other end of the scale is a remix of Sigur Ros’s Untitled #1, a slow builder that gives a nice twist to the original, especially once the beat comes in. Stream Trips in full on Sekuoia’s Soundcloud, as well as a few other remixes – they’re all well worth a listen.  

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