Live Review: T.E.E.D @ Thekla, Bristol – 15 February

Label: Unknown
Genre: Dance/House/Post-Dubstep and everything in between
Orlando Higginbottom
 Oxford, UK
Sounds Like: Deadmau5, SBTRKT, LCD Soundsystem

With a name as long and unique as Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, it’s no surprise that so many have heard of him. Fewer though, could say that they have actually heard his music. Before Wednesday’s show I’d have counted myself in the latter category but after I left, I was a complete convert. Playing to a sold-out crowd in the hull of Bristol’s famous marine venue Thekla, it was fitting that TEED began with the wet sounds of his Post-Dubstep tracks as a man-made mist of sweat descended. Aided by an MPC, one of three musical workstations he would be using over the course of the evening, the dripping pads of his first song was the perfect way to ease the crowd into his set. Once both were settled, the release of confetti signalled the real start of the party and the beginning of a musical journey through the depths of Electronic music. Sounds varied from French Dance to New York House and Techno. It was hard to believe that it all came from one person, but then that’s the nature of the beast. TEED is very difficult to pin down. Whether it be his multi-faceted musical style, his trademark Native American headdress, the light display on his set shaped like coffins, or the periodic appearance on stage of two oddly-dressed dancers, he kept his audience on their toes throughout.

Refreshingly, Orlando opted out of an encore, exclaiming “What’s the point of leaving when you all know I’m going to come back onstage anyway?!” What might’ve seemed an act of arrogant nonchalance was a further sign of TEED’s non-conformist approach. An unusual one perhaps, but the steam that came spilling out as Thekla’s doors released its sweaty, satisfied punters is as good a sign as any that this approach really hits the spot.

Here are our two favourite songs from TEED. If the first one’s familiar, it’s probably because you’ve heard it on Nokia’s recent advert.

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