New Artist: Gibson Bull

Label: Unsigned
Genre: Acoustic Singer-Songwriter
Gibson Bull
Sounds Like:
Fleet Foxes, Willy Mason, Woodie Guthrie

When we first came across Gibson Bull we were surprised by quite how little he had been listened to and written about. It might have something to do with the low key release of his eponymous debut album over a year ago, but since then he’s kept his head down and written a good batch of songs to record a follow-up EP. After speaking to Gibson and then listening to his music, it’s hard to think he’s a Londoner. His influences include Woodie Guthrie, Cisco Huston and Mississippi John Hurt and naturally his sound is much closer to Americana than the Nu-Folk scene his home city is embracing. Our favourite track is Love of Some Kind (downloadable for free at his Bandcamp), sounding very much like what you’d expect from a Fleet Foxes solo project.There’s an instant appeal and charm to what we’ve heard so far and are very much looking forward to the EP. With some strong backing behind him, Gibson Bull may just provide London with their very own Willy Mason.

Listen to Love of Some Kind and 1000 Miles below. Also check out his Soundcloud for more lovely offerings and free downloads.

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