New Release: Ye Mighty – Fuse (Hudson Mohawke original)

Label: First Word Records
Genre: Jazz/Electronic
Members: Max Wheeler and Richard Halligan
Based: Brighton, UK
Sounds Like: Mulatu, Colin Stetson, Hudson Mohawken

Ye might (sorry, couldn’t help it) be skeptical to hear that a cover of Hudson Mohawke has seen its original contagious synth hook replaced by horns, flutes and a saxophone, but fear not. We might even be bold enough to say that Ye Mighty’s version tops the original. Combining backgrounds in Hip-hop and Electronic, the Brighton duo sound like a Jazz band but the sheer amount of energy they have injected into this track definitely brings in their wider musical tastes. You’d be hard pressed to find a Jazz track more suited to the dancefloor than this.

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