New Release: Joker – On My Mind (Instrumental)

Label: 4AD/Hyperdub
Genre: Purple, Grime, Dubstep
Members: Liam McLean
Based: Bristol
Sounds Like: Gemmy, Ginz, Dr Dre
Links: Myspace

Household name in Bristol's bass-scene, Joker released his debut album The Vision a few weeks back. It seems to have him poking his head out from the underground and heading more towards Dance/Pop-driven music with collaborations from Jessie Ware, William Cartwright and Jay Wilcox. For those that don't know, the Bristol producer pioneered a new blend of bass music in 2007 with a unique twist of Grime, Dubstep and G-Funk coined by Joker himself as Purple (inspired by his own synesthesia). The track, On My Mind, shares some striking similiarities with Timberlake/Timbaland's My Love – whilst retaining those Purple vibes that make his music so individual.


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