New Release: Burial x Sisqo – Stolen Thong

Genre: Dark Garage/R&B
Sounds Like: The Weeknd, Shlohmo

Since his 2006 self-titled debut was released on Hyperdub, Burial has become one of the biggest names in Electronic music with what is now recognised worldwide as one of the most unique sounds to grace the garage scene. For those unfamiliar with Burial (where have you been?!), I recently read an unnervingly accurate description of his music: “distorted and heavy, yet also warm and earthy, resembling the balmy gust of air that precedes an underground train”. If you’re familiar with his flirtations with RnB (most notably sampling Ray J’s One Wish on one of the most successful electronic singles of 2007), this mash up of Burial’s Stolen Dog and Sisqo’s Thong Song almost sounds like it comes from the godfather of garage himself. It’s actually a stroke of genius from one American producer named One Cool Man and we love it!

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