New Artist: Staycen

Label:  Unsigned
Genre: Nu-Soul, RnB
Atlanta, Georgia
Sounds Like: Erykah Badu, AlgebraAmel Larrieux

Altanta-based songstress Staycen is a super-talented soul-queen with a platinum egde. Mystifyingly, she’s unsigned, yet pouring out vibes that’ll wash you straight back into the early noughties ‘golden-age’ of RnB. There’s not too much information on Staycen yet, so I have no interesting facts to offer, except that her EP is free to download at and I haven’t been able to get the chorus of Feel ‘Ya out of my head for weeks. So listen below at your own peril, you have been warned!

Shouts out to Slimkat78 and Dre King on production.

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