New Artist: DELS

Label:Big Dada
Genre: Hip Hop
Members:  Kieren Dickens
Based: Ipswich
Formed: 2008
Sounds Like: CommonAkala,Ghostpoet

Defining himself as both a rapper and a graphic designer, it is no surprise that DELS’ productions marry these talents. Trumpalump, with its accompanying music video and ‘Quiet Remix’, is the best example of this artistic union. The song is all about blurring boundaries, both lyrically – between the idea of dreaming and reality, and musically – through two contrasting beats, one discordant, one catchy and soothing. In the song’s video, DELS explores the boundaries of reality with a set of half monochrome, half colour. This artistic trickery is given greater insight in the ‘making of’ video and certainly demonstrates his commitment to having visual lyrics. The final complement to the Trumpalump release is Joe Goddard’s ‘Quiet Remix’, featuring master of calm Hip-hop, Ghostpoet. Here, the trio focus on the smoother sounds of the original to produce a dreamy end-product, well worth a listen. With the debut album Gobs hitting the shelves last month, and the June release of another Joe Goddard collaboration, now would be the time to investigate this multi-talen
ted musician.

Trumpalump (Original)

Trumpalump ‘The Making Of’

Tumpalump (Joe Goddard’s Quiet Remix feat. Ghostpoet)

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