Premiere: Orange Tree Edits – Litmus Groove (Jimmy Rouge Edit)

New Dublin label does Africa edits isn’t a formula that turns heads alone these days but, now three three releases in, Orange Tree Edits are steadily becoming known as a mark of quality of playful and effective reworks of old highlife and afrobeat. After taking care of their inaugural releaseJimmy Rouge swoops in again to pilot another hand-stamped 12”, with the B1 ‘Litmus Groove’ being our standout.

The staccato sax and jubilant trumpet fanfares that are an instant afrobeat calling card are used more sparingly here, making way for an acid bassline that controls the tempo and momentum. As the groove unwinds, incoherent, delirious trills punctuate the second half alongside a more meandering trumpet melody. Orange Tree don’t pretend their juice is pressed with an original formula but they take a good recipe and create a nectar you’d happily keep sipping from.

Afro Edits Vol. 3 is out now – buy from Juno and Piccadilly.

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