Premiere: MSSS – This Is A Modern Drugs Party

For it’s second release, YAM Records offers up local and internationally produced sounds, with the first of their new compilation series. You And Music Vol.1 is a 5-track collection of percussion and rhythm-heavy productions, with tropical, afro and London influences, stemming from relationships fostered from behind the counter at their Peckham-based store.

Our favourite of the bunch is this hypnotising number from London producer MSSS. You’d be forgiven for thinking halfway through, that you were hearing some bleed from another track in the background, but it’s exactly this almost conflicting feel that makes this track work. The dampened cowbell placed just off-centre towards the back of the musical headspace is the first culprit. Initially seeming to act as a mere textural addition to a deep reverberating kick, shakers and tonal marimba chords; the slightly out of time hits become more evident as the track progresses. In almost free time, MSSS adds ping-pong and tuned African percussion scattered over the top, complimenting Far Eastern tones and really hamming up that feeling of intoxication. But as can sometimes be the way with many mind altering substances, once you let it wash over you, it’s hard not to come back for more.

You And Music Vol.1 is out now.

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