Stamp Mix #23: Rahaan

Search Rahaan’s name on the net and the consensus is unanimous. The Chicago house veteran is held in the highest regard by DJs, producers and music lovers; not just for his basement-rocking disco edits and productions, but for his seemingly endless collection of rare disco, boogie, house and soul records. His story began in the 1980s, sheltering from the Windy City in basements and loft spaces as house was taking hold. First learning from the best (think Hotmix 5, Muzic Box, Trax Records), he then started throwing his own parties with the Chuck Brothers before moving to Wisconsin to strengthen his collection.

Since returning to Chicago in themid-90s, Rahaan’s stature as a DJ has grown, as has his reputation for releasing his own music, with labels like KAT Records, Lumberjacks in Hell, Stilove4music and now his own, Street Edits. For an idea of the impact Rahaan is still able to have after years in the game, have a watch of this video of him tearing it up at a party, which then went on to inspire We Don’t Neeed No Music by The Black Madonna. And for some other expert selections, check his mixes for Boiler Room and RBMA. All in all, it’s an absolute honour to welcome Rahaan as a Stamp Mix guest. As usual, he supplies no tracklist, but press play with the knowledge that your listening experience will be both an education in disco and unrestrained joy ride.

You’ve just come back from ADE. How was it being part of such a massive music conference, and in a country where apparently you’re most in demand outside USA? Were there any standout parties? Did it spark any future creative relationships?

The parties I was lucky enough to go to was Lumberjacks In Hell with me, Kon and Maurice Fulton, then the Boiler Room the following night. Every time I’m here in Amsterdam something good comes from it. The guys from Dekmantel made all this possible for me really in Amsterdam.

This weekend you’re coming to Brighton for the Disco Deviant party. Is this your first time in Britain’s very own Windy City? 

No I have been there plenty of times 🙂

Your record collection is lauded to house some real rarities. Quoting another avid collector,  Motor City Drum Ensemble mentioned in a recent RA interview that there’s one record out there he’d be willing to stump up four figures for. Are there any elusive ones out there for you? 

It’s way too much good muzik out here to just have one favorite song. For me records are like a puzzle, like putting together a train track or just building something special.

Rare Kind is a particularly favourite digging spot for us in Brighton. Are there any local spots in Chicago you like visiting? 

Old School Records, Out Of The Past Rec, Dusty Groove, Peabody Records and the Devil, and my favorite Chicago collectors.

You’ve recently started your own label, Street Edits. After being in the game for so long, what was your thinking in setting it up now?

It so much good stuff out here that isn’t even on a label or people won’t give them a chance because they don’t have a so called “name” and just want to give a hand or help out.

Is there a particular ethos or mission statement you’re running the label with?

Just Muzik From Streets Around The World…

Street Edits 001 was a 12″ from Bruce Ivery in June. Can you fill us in about the release a little?

Bruce is guy that’s just sick in his thinking when making muzik and that Clap Your Hands track shows you why I say he’s sick..

Are there any more releases on the horizon for yourself or Street Edits?

Yes the next is guy out of Boston Serge Gamesbourg and this is very hot. He was making hip hop tracks back in the good days of hip hop for major artist.  He played in one or two tracks of Kon’s new stuff.

And finally, can you tell us a bit about the mix you made for us? Any standouts you want to draw particular attention to? 

It’s like me just playing records I have not play in a while, cause sometimes I’m gone so long I miss my records and I want them to meet their new friends that I bring back 🙂

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