Premiere: Shinichi Omata – Egyptische Knabe – Take #2

Glaswegian globetrotting reissue label chOOn!! has made pitstops in South Africa, Lithuania, California, Italy and Japan over the last few years, uncovering forgotten gems that are worthy of fresh attention. For their seventh release they return to the Far East to showcase the works of Shinichi Omata: a collection of archival music from 1984, some of which was only previously available on cassette, and others that have never been officially released before.

Originally issued in extremely limited numbers, and solely distributed through Tokyo-based Indian grocery store, Ganso Nakaya Mugendo, Boku・Neko・Platanus is a lost classic that proves Omata’s status as a forward-thinking mind in the world of Japanese synth-pop. Across the 20 tracks on the compendium, we hear echoes of different influences – namely electro, pop, techno and soundtrack – all of which combine to create something altogether fresh and timeless.

Boku・Neko・Platanus is out on 1st April. Buy digital or pre-order the vinyl in North America/Japan or Europe/UK.

Stamp The Wax · Shinichi Omata – Egyptische Knabe – Take #2 (STW Premiere)

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