Premiere: Middle Sky Boom – Wait Wait

It’s no mean feat for a label to make it to nine years in the game but Barcelona’s Playground Records have managed it, and with their eyes still firmly fixed on the future. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve rallied together friends and family for a sprawling compilation that sonically represents the past, present and future of the label.

Across 15 tracks they dive into the music that’s shaped their journey thus far, from psychedelic electronics to organic rhythms, new-wave influenced dance music and sounds custom-made for the dance floor. This creative flexibility that underpins the label’s pursuits is on display throughout the compilation, crafted by producers from across the world including Curses, Shubostar, Sascha Funke and Niv Ast.

Our pick from Tel Aviv-based producer Middle Sky Boom brings the release to an apt close. On ‘Wait Wait’ wistful vocals punctuate a low slung groove and muted percussion which are propped up by ritualistic drum patterns and warm sub bass.

The 9 Years Compilation will be out on 3rd March via Playground Records.

Stamp The Wax · Middle Sky Boom – Wait Wait (STW Premiere)

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