Premiere: Pool Boy – Closed For Renovation (Gooch Remix)

In September Délicieuse Musique’s offshoot Noire & Blanche shared All Inclusive with the world: a Balearic-tinged house LP crafted by Pool Boy, the side project of Swiss-born Canadian producer Cyril Hahn. As an appendix to the album, the label have enlisted a handful of producers to breathe new life into the originals, namely Domenique Dumont, Khotin and Gooch.

Our pick is from the latter Copenhagen-based producer who’s previously released his blend of woozy pop and slick boogie on Specials Worldwide and Public Possession. On his remix of ‘Closed For Renovations’ he imbues the track with that easy-going quality he’s become synonymous with, adding an effortless, soulful groove and soft vocals that are filled with warmth and familiarity.

All Inclusive Remix EP will be released on November 26th via Noire & Blanche.

Stamp The Wax · Pool Boy – Closed For Renovation (Gooch Remix) (STW Premiere)

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