Premiere: Aroma von Troisdorf – Weisse Wand

Aroma von Troisdorf’s eponymous debut arrives this month, courtesy of Cologne’s Papercup records. The album interprets Germany’s rich electronic music history with a DIY approach; tracing through Krautrock and Cosmic Disco to Neue Deutsche Welle, Synth-pop and more organic Ambient forms.

There’s a varied instrumental palette to suit, often employing a motley array of vintage rhythm boxes and synthesizers, bolstered by dadaist vocals and Durrutti Column-esque guitar leads. It’s an analogue to the demented studio workings of Pyrolator or the oddly funky NDW of Ingeburg Thomsen’s Weisse Sklavin LP – a diverse suite of songs that are imbued with sense of whimsy and the joy of experimentation.

‘Weisse Wand’ is one of the album’s highlights. Deadpan vocals bounce against robotic Speak & Spell voicings, heavily effected guitars are tracked over the tick and thump of a vintage drum machine, and wispy, choral-sounding synth chords play against the tough bassline. It feels wistful and canny at the same time, preserving the DIY pop spirit that permeates the record.

Aroma von Troisdorf will be released on Papercup Records on 15th October.

Stamp The Wax · Aroma von Troisdorf – Weisse Wand (STW Premiere)

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