Premiere: Ponty Mython – Onimano X991 (DJ Fett Burger Time In Atmosphere Mix)

London-based label Not An Animal have never been constrained by sound, style or genre; that said, there’s always a signature mood that strings their releases together. Focusing on a shared artistic approach, co-founders Chris Stoker and Andy Bainbridge have built a healthy discography of friends and peers who’ve brought a touch of the cosmic, the squelchy and the down right hypnotic to each label outing.

Offering up another intoxicating dose of all the above is Lithuania-based producer Ponty Mython, who’s also known for his releases under the moniker Pletnev. Adding to a lengthy string of EPs for Futureboogie, Omena, Dirt Crew and Fina, on Onimano he flaunts his knack for tight-knit drum programming and dubwise atmospheres. In addition to the three original tracks, Not An Animal have enlisted Sex Tags Mania co-captain and Trush Mix curator DJ Fett Burger to put his own finesse on percussive-driven title track ‘Onimano X991’, which he morphs into an airy stress reliever for those wee after hours.

Onimano X991 will be available soon via Not An Animal Records.

Stamp The Wax · Ponty Mython – Onimano X991 (DJ Fett Burger’s Time In Atmosphere Mix)(STW Premiere)

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