Premiere: Alexey Seliverstov – Times and Travels

In 2019 Alexey Seliverstov walked into the VIP section of an abandoned Japanese hotel, on a remote tropical island, and discovered a pristine Yamaha piano. It sounds like the setting of a beautiful, Lynchian dream, but in reality, it’s the setting in which the Moscow-based composer started ‘Times and Travels’, his contribution to the inaugural album on Anna Wall’s appropriately named Dream Theory label.

He describes the track, which was partly recorded on said piano—after hours of tuning of course—as “the most comprehensive I’ve ever worked on.” As well as those recordings, ‘Travels and Times’ incorporates field recordings from the Portuguese countryside, as well as synth sounds created using only tape feedback, in an effort to keep the sound as organic as possible. The result is a delicate, richly textured reverie of a composition which feels both otherworldly, and in touch with the natural world. 

Dream Theory VA001 will be released on 18th June.

Stamp The Wax · Alexey Seliverstov – Travels & Times

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