Premiere: Eternal Love & Barbara Boeing – Tigresa

BS Radio, the musical arm of Milan design agency Burro Studios, inaugurates its new label with a compilation of honeyed downtempo, lo-fi house and sparkling synth-funk. Compiled by local duo Eternal Love, the album oozes gentle euphoria, acting like hot stones freeing the body of stiffness. If BS Radio Volume 01 is a massage, then Eternal Love’s own contribution, a collab with Brasilian artist Bárbara Boeing, is a rose bath.

Soaked in Balearic house, infused with electro and tinged in jazz, ‘Tigresa’ perfectly captures the compilation’s lightweight joy. Right off the bat, reverb-soaked keys glisten against pitter-patter drums and melodious flutes in a magical build-up before coalescing to become the track’s core melody. These delicate sounds remain present throughout the composition despite charming detours and subtle variations, balancing the addition of lively rhythms. The latter injects zest and movement but never accelerate to jacking beats, keeping in line with the track’s gentle tone. Breezy, carefree and self-assured, ‘Tigresa’ is set to be a staple for sunset sessions, boat parties and patio afternoons.

BS Radio Volume 1 is out now via BS Radio’s Bandcamp.

Stamp The Wax · Eternal Love & Barbara Boeing – Tigresa (STW Premiere)

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