Premiere: KiTA – Wind Tunnel

If you desire a soundtrack fit for a sunrise, you could trust no one better than Balinese producer KiTA to provide it for you. His new EP, Lucent, marks the debut release for brand new Naarm (Melbourne) record label Companion, and we’re delighted to share with you the first listen of expansive closer ‘Wind Tunnel’. 

It’s no quick hook, line and sinker track. It invites long-form listening, as much as it encourages your imagination to piece together the landscape. Talking about the process of writing the track, KiTA – real name Kae Kitzler – says “an image comes to mind, a sight common to those travelling at the crack of dawn on tropical coastlines. It is one of the sun rising above the deep blue horizon emitting a gradient of lucent red and gold across the sky.” Having spent a year in isolation thanks to the pandemic, it’s easy to see how KiTA was inspired by a unifying source of hope and optimism. 

Remarkably organic in texture and approach, ‘Wind Tunnel’ is like a flower in bloom; it opens up, taking us from delicate synth layers to the dynamic pulse of percussion while soft electronic gloops emulate morning dew. That’s what we picture whilst listening, anyway. How about you?

Lucent will be released on vinyl on 21st May and digitally on 7th June. Grab your copy from Companion.

Stamp The Wax · KiTA – Wind Tunnel (STW Premiere)

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