Premiere: Jaubi – Satanic Nafs

In Islamic philosophy “Nafs” refers to an aspect of the Self, which is made up of multiple layers. In every day life, a person wrestles with their dark side, their desires, and with Satan — thus “Satanic Nafs” is the lowest level of the Self.

It’s this spiritual struggle against the lower self that became the conceptual driving force for Lahore-based ensemble Jaubi‘s debut album, ‘Nafs At Peace’, which is coming out via Astigmatic Records.

The process began back in 2019 when saxophonist and 22a affiliate Tenderlonious and Polish Pianist Marek Latarnik Pędziwiatr of EABS/Błoto, visited the group in the Pakistan capital. Together they channeled their past personal experiences of death, divorce, unemployment, drug addiction and religious disaffiliation into the recording sessions, finding a spiritual path to transcendence through this musical purge.

Today’s premiere is a window into what we can expect from the group’s debut album, which sonically marries North Indian Classical and Raga with spiritual and modal jazz motifs and hip hop influences.

“Satanic Nafs” will be released as a 7″ on 26th of March 2021 on Astigmatic Records – grab your copy from Jaubi’s Bandcamp.

Stamp The Wax · Jaubi – Satanic Nafs (STW Premiere)

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