Premiere: Marie Touchet – Collège infernal (House Paradise version)

It’s clear that French label Born Bad Records put their blood, sweat and tears into their compilations, scouring dusty racks and the dark corners of the web to track down rare gems to share with the world.

Aside from their ever-growing catalogue of EPs and long players, the label have released several compilations that explore different strains and eras of French music. There was BIPPP which celebrated cold wave and synth-wave, then the 60s French Beat and Pop of WIZZZ french psychorama, followed by France Chébran exploring 80s boogie and now, for their next instalment, they hone in on French proto-house from the early 90s.

Compiled lovingly over the last few years by DJs Belec and Sainte Rita, the 10 tracks on DYNAM’HIT trace the history of the French equivalent to British Pop House between ’90 and ’95, travelling through the Euro dance sounds that would soon evolve into house music.

Stamp The Wax · Marie Touchet – Collège infernal (House Paradise version) (STW Premiere)

DYNAM’HIT is out on 5th February – grab your copy.

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