Each One Teach One: DJ Paulette celebrates Black he/sheroes of the past, present & future

Credit: Anna Purna-Mellor

To celebrate Black history Month, we’ve teamed up with The Ransom Note and two DJ doyennes to present a mini-series that profiles unsung and future heroes from the Black community pushing the boundaries of art, transforming communities and effecting meaningful change. While Ransom Note present Lakuti, we invite DJ Paulette, The Haçienda’s first female resident and a Diggers Directory guest from 2019. Over to Paulette:

Black history month is all about heroes and sheroes past, present and future. It’s about those people who push it musically, politically, socially by being brilliant, by being there and being vocal about all of it. It’s about ‘each one, teach one’ and being in it for the wider community, the people who do it for love and not for ego or glory. These are the people who daily take a stand for something and know how to stick up for themselves. It’s about who’s really who and who’s driving it forward. I’m first and foremost shining a light on the kaleidoscope of Manchester talent and pulling a razor sharp focus on womxn and LGBT voices.

Unsung Heroes / Sheroes

Brenda Russell

Another British Grande Dame of Techno – an artist and DJ who can be comfortably and laudably mentioned alongside Colin Dale and Colin Faver and their Deep Space club night. Definitely doesn’t get the props she should.

Eric Powell

The co-owner of Bush Records (along with Eric Gooden) and long-time sidekick of Carl Cox. Manchester music royalty in 200pt capitals. His label has been going since 1990 and was my introduction to Dave Clarke, Thomas Schumacher and Aphrohead (aka Felix The Housecat)

Hewan Clarke

A central figure in the soul / funk all-dayer scene through the 80s and then became the original Hacienda resident alongside Mike Pickering.

Mike Shaft

Central to soul / funk clubs and the all-dayer scene throughout the 70s and 80s. He DJd at Pips in Manchester, and was a host of TCOB (Taking Care of Business) on Piccadilly Radio 261, Sunset Radio, BBC Manchester.


A singer for everything from the Happy Mondays to Solardo. Smashing it on the daily and representing for Manchester.


DJ and producer for MTM Records. We don’t hear enough about this woman! Before any of the superstar techno new guard, Shinedoe was smashing it for me in the big rooms in Amsterdam and the world over. One of the Grande Dames of Techno in my opinion.

Future Heroes and Sheroes


British born Ghanaian / Russian / German artist, composer and djcreating everything from classical to techno to hosue and electro. We are proud that she has chosen Manchester as her home and base.


Blinding producer, fabulous DJ, activist and a new school music industry multi-discipline powerhouse.

Darren Pritchard

Director, producer, choreographer, theatre maker. National Freelance Taskforce, LGBTQ – QTiPoC ‘Black Pride’ Black Gold Arts activist. Mother of House of Ghetto Manchester (also Mother of Houses in Birmingham). Taking Vogue, Ballroom and Houses out of the regions and onto BBC Three.

Jenna G

Activist, singer, radio presenter, promoter – from past to present, from drum and bass to gospel. Jenna G (Jenna and the G’s) is representing in every way possible for Manchester.

Loreal Blackett

The Edit Podcast host (which asks what it means to have “influence” in today’s digital world) journalist and presenter. Is not afraid of having and publishing those difficult conversations.

Nadine Artois

[They / Them] Co-founder of the Pxxsy Palace collective in London – Lesbiennale. Fierce DJ, beautiful Insta and friends only.

Pops Roberts

Activist – Black Lives Matter to LGBTQi+ – singer / songwriter with a new band for 2020 ‘Lovescene’ which is doing great things already. Pops is also a wonderful DJ and works at Wilderness Records in her spare time.

Rebecca Never Becky

Headed by MIx:Stress, Rebecca Never Becky is a DJ & Creative Collective showcasing talent from Manchester with a spotlight on QTIPOC & LGBT+ artists and performers.


I’ve been monitoring this young man’s works and productions for a couple of years – he makes beautiful, melodic, funky minimal techno / tech house and is an assured DJ (made me a great guest mix for my Reform Radio show in September). He is an all-round lovely guy and also makes the best mocktails at Albert’s Schloss. A talent that the post-Covid world will desperately need.

Read Lakuti’s corresponding Each One, Teach One at The Ransom Note.

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