Premiere: Sơn FM – Loose

Spawned as an outlet to shine a spotlight on the wealth of talent in Asia, like their name suggests Thailand-based imprint Siamese Twins are on a mission to create symbiotic dialogues with other producers around the world.

Launching recently with an EP from Mogambo, the project of label co-founder Sunju Hargan and multi-instrumentalist Jerom Doudet, the label quickly follow this up with a cassette compilation titled Vinyan. Meaning soul in Thai, the eight tracks re-contextualise contemporary parallels between tribal, live instrumentation, drone and house, resulting in an warm and organic collection of hypnotic ambience, psychedelic folk, slow-paced trance and dub techno.

The carefully curated release brings together producers from across the East, including the likes of Que Sakamoto+NT, Khun Fluff and our pick from Sơn FM, the collaborative project of Nic Ford (aka MadderModes) and Attiss Ngo, whose contribution ‘Loose’ drifts effortlessly through meditative synth melodies and subtle percussion licks.

Vinyan will be out on 3rd September – grab your copy via Siamese Twins.

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