Premiere: Danalogue x Sarathy – Ballad of Rathalog

The 2018 vernal equinox marked a fruitful two-day recording session at the late, great Total Refreshment Centre for The Comet Is Coming & Soccer96 producer Danalogue and Indo-futurist & drummer Sarathy Korwar.

Cementing a new collaboration between the two artists, spawned from a shared passion for one another’s work and psychedelic analogue sounds, the improvisations recorded during this period now form their debut four-tracker Equinox.

A soothing and compelling blend of subtle instrumentation and washes of synth, the EP also comes in the form of a limited run of designed cassettes with two frankincense sticks and instructions for the listener: Burn incense, Get comfortable, Press play, Breathe deeply.

Equinox is out now – grab your copy on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to Skin Deep’s ‘Black Creatives Fund‘.

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