Premiere: Strange Source Edits – Swimming In Acid With Sharks (GFH Edit)

There’s few better feelings, as a music lover, than stumbling across a track you’ve been feverishly searching for since it caught your attention in a mix. With their blend of serotonin-boosting energy and wonky charm, the selections from Australia’s DJ contingent – special shouts to Wax’o Paradiso, Mikewho, Lauren Hansom and Daniel Lupica – have been a constant comfort in this lockdown period and it was in one these regular mood lifters that a Strange Source Edit first stood out. Penned by France-based GFH, ‘Swimming In Acid With Sharks’ has all the hallmarks of a day party classic with trumpet fanfares, nostalgic piano lines and an acid breakdown to reign in the cheese to its most effective level. While it’s hard to avoid the bathos of being denied the spaces to enjoy such euphoria at the moment, we’re still grateful for music like this to take our mind to places our bodies aren’t yet permitted to go.

This edit is one of six pulled together for the Strange Source Edits 001, a new series from Planet Trip Records with contributions from Milos Kaiser, Hysteric and Good Block. All proceeds from the EP will be donated to Seed Mob, Australia’s first Indigenous youth-­led climate network building a society that is healthier, cleaner, more just, and puts people before profits. Buy the EP on Bandcamp.

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