Premiere: RAS – Pharoah / Zman Halal

Listening to Berlin-based trio RAS, you can hear the melting pot of influences that inform their sound, from Greek, Turkish and Arabic music to Mediterranean disco and lo-fi soul and funk.

The three friends came together under this guise in 2018 and went on to release their eponymous debut album in early 2019. This went quietly under the radar, but a spontaneous session in South Africa has now spawned several EPs worth of material, which will be released throughout 2020 on Botniss. The first batch of those recordings comes in the form of RAS II; five tracks of dub-disco and smooth psychedelic funk.

We’ve got a double helping for today’s premiere, tracks ‘Pharoah’ and ‘Zman Halal’ together as they were originally recorded. There’s an effortlessness about the composition which floats along for 10 minutes; the meandering guitar licks and tight harmonies sang in Hebrew, carried along on a bed of deep bass.

RAS II will be out on 13th March – grab your copy. RAS play Bi Nuu in Berlin on 3rd April.

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