Premiere: Herrmann Kristoffersen – Oriente Sole

When collaborating on their new release for Ransom Note Records‘ offshoot Bytes, Danish singer-songwriter Kristina Kristoffersen and German musician Daniel Herrmann found that by having no expectation of what the outcome should be, they were granted freedoms that gave way to “a new symbiosis” between them.

Leaving behind the mood of their previous collaborations, which featured Daniel’s music and Kristina’s voice, their self-titled album explores otherworldly soundscapes and atmospheric beats that engulf you in their folds. The result of a long winter spent at the couple’s mountain home in Taunus Woods outside of Frankfurt, there’s a calming sense of push and pull across the seven tracks; it’s equal parts grounding and elevating. These qualities work to synergistic effect on our pick “Oriente Sole” with it’s meditative loops and warm honeyed pads leaving you floating somewhere between the earth and the sky.

Hermann Kristoffersen will be released on Bytes on 28th February. Grab your copy.

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