Monday Morning Mixtape 286

Photo Credit: Norsez Oh

Float from 1970 smooth US soul to 1980 otherworldly Swiss electronica and a 1971 psychedelic movie soundtrack.

Welcome to another Monday and another mixtape to help start your week off on the right note. This week is curated by London-based DJ and production duo Zoo Look, who host a monthly show on Balamii Radio. In their own words: “it’s always fun to put together things like this that are outside of our usual “clubby” territory. We went super old school Balearic with it, with a couple of extra soulful bits, some ambient bits and even a movie theme tune.”

Happy Monday!


Tapes – Silence Please
Shakti & John McLaughlin – India
Don Gere – Warewolves On Wheels (Main Theme)
Junior Parker – Tomorrow Never Knows
Nino Nardini – Tropical
Quantum Jump – Neighbours
The Coasters – Shopping For Clothes
Ned Doheny – The Devil In You
Yello – Blue Green
Giuseppe Leonardi – Every Tree And Creature
Zann – After Work
Keller G – Empathy Stalk And Sain
B.J. Cole – Gnossienne No. 3
Cocteau Twins – Cherry Coloured Funk (Otherness Version)

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