Premiere: Sarah Bates – Trying To Be Good

The Ruf Kutz takeover is a highlight of Gottwood Festival every year. The motley crew of Mancunian DJs and producers, helmed by boss Ruf Dug, take over Ruffy’s Lab for a night of butt to butt action and, if you’re lucky, there’s sometimes a live performance thrown in for good measure. At this year’s edition it was Sarah Bates who played a live set of beautifully intricate ambient and electronic musings that stopped many in their tracks and had them making a beeline for the stage.

Bristol mainstay Banoffee Pies were present for the performance and subsequently contacted Sarah to see if she was up for releasing on the label. Fantasy Modulation is the result, a six track EP released as part of the label’s Sonder Series which veers towards the ambient and meditative. Sarah, who formerly worked as a vocalist with artists like Nile Rodgers, is now known for being a queen of machines and composed the music on this release in real time; a wash of beautiful, atmospheric synths and subtle percussion.

Fantasy Modulation is out on 13th December – pre-order your copy from Banoffee Pies.

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