Monday Morning Mixtape 263

Credit: Scott Wylie

Bounce through 1975 Japanese jazz-funk, 1990 Spanish new age and 2017 Danish dream house. 

Welcome back the soundtrack that startw your week on the right note. This week is curated by one of the winners of our We Out Here Festival competition, Tariko, Aix-en-Provence based record collector and founder of the Mizik Ko! party and mix series. In his own words: “More than just producing a chilled and smooth mix for Monday mornings, I wanted to create a story based on the topic. Not only choose tracks based on their sonic quality, but also because of their meaning and the way their lyrics dialogue with each other, to represents the hard Monday mornings I’ve spent in bed. It goes from deep sleep and lovely dreams to the hard reality of getting up. Enjoy and be strong, Friday is soon ”

The inaugural We Out Here Festival takes place 15th-18th August. 


Barreras – Lury Lech
Ramuntcho Matta – Viens dormir avec moi (New Age mix)
Hiroshi Suzuki – Romance
Dreamcast & Sasac – Summer Love
Bandolero – Rêves Noirs
Blue Feather – Flying High
Suso Saiz – The Guardian
Shelter – Pikolo
Sueño Latino – La Puerta Del Sol (Arpeggio Mix)
Paul Hardcastle – Spirit of the Mind’s Eye
Hi Mount & Man-Dee – Impresionante
Lou – Reveille-Toi (Acappella)
La Femme – It’s Time To Wake Up 2023
Ibiza – Ibhabhalazi (Monday Blues)
Mioko Yamaguchi – いつかゆられて遠い国
Daryl Hall & John Oates – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do) (Remastered)
Joni Haastrup – Wake Up Your Mind
First Light – Stop The Clock

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