Premiere: Stirling March – Under Cover Lover (Instrumental Mix)

London-based label Kalita Records have got their hands on yet another holy grail reissue; this time in the form of Bahamian boogie from Stirling March. Fetching eye-watering prices online, the original came out in 1985, but with Stirling not having the proper financial ability to promote the record properly, it didn’t reach the masses and, criminally, it went under the radar and soon became a distant memory.

‘Under Cover Lover’ was his first solo endeavour after leaving the small local band he’d been part of in his home town of Nassau. It only took him a matter of hours to write and the result was a sunshine boogie hit that Stirling says refer to “a guy meeting a girl who he was chasing after and wanted but only on the down low.” The instrumental version strips back the vocals, leaving slivers of the lyrics to echo in and out over bright guitar licks and soft thuds of bass.

Under Cover Lover will be available from Kalita Records – Grab your copy.

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