Premiere: Goiz – That’s Green

Springing up on the West Coast, LA-based DJ Ray and his pal Goiz are embarking on their first forays into the label world. The idea for the imprint, Open Space, came before Ray’s relocation from their home city of Miami as a platform to push their diverse tastes. Goiz, provides the inaugural release with four tracks that see him side step into slower tempos than the electro indebted productions on his debut last year on Red Ember Records.

Our pick ‘That’s Green’ bounces along on a soothing marimba line, the whistles and percussion intermittently breaking in to give it a tropical, playful feel. As the track gets under way, warm synths slide in overhead supported by a subaquatic bass line and tripped-out guitar samples.

Green will be out on 2nd August via Open Space – Pre-order your copy on Rubadub.

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