Monday Morning Mixtape 259

Credit: Christoph Pasqual

Slip through 1969 psychedelic jazz, 1988 Guadeloupe zouk and contemplative new age pop. 

Welcome to a new Monday Morning Mixtape, to start your week on the right note. This week is curated by Sao Paulo DJ and curator Fiervo, who runs the Sunny Disco day party and mix series.


Harvey Mandel – Cristo Redentor
Apelsin – Igatsus
Quiet Village – Too High To Move
Cila do Coco – Movimento da Cidade
Chuck Senrick – Dont’ be So Nice
Dudu Tucci – Drum It Up
Common – The People (Instrumental)
Tanya St-Val – Carole
Wilma Archer – Like a Hunger
Ahmed Malek – Bossa
Reshma – Uth Gaye Gawandon Yaar
Antoine Kogut – Sphere Of Existence
Nicole Willis & UMO Jazz Orchestra – Still Got A Way To Fall
The Free Design – Bubbles
Hamid Al Shaeri – Ayonha
Shintaro Sakamoto – あなたもロボットになれる
Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country

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